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Information About The Thinning Hair and Hair Restoration

Information About The Thinning Hair and Hair Restoration
Probably the hair is an essential feature of an image transmitted to others. When a person suffers from severe hair loss, self-esteem down. Different types of hair loss resulting from several factors, including genetics, drugs, disease and treatment of cancer. Currently, there are many treatments for the restoration and prevention of hair loss for men with thinning hair.

Normal hair growth

it is quite normal that people some form of hair loss.Throughout life, the hair goes through a cycle of sustainable growth, and sooner or later in the fall. At one point, going from 85 to 90% of hairs in the anagen phase, which lasts continuously between two and eight years in which the hair grows. A small percentage of hair follicles in catagen, a transitional period which may extend over several weeks.

The other 10 to 15% of the hair in the telogen or resting places, which lasts two to three months. After completion of the resting phase the hair falls out and begins the process of growing new hair. Hair grows at a rate of one inch and a half months, but this rate decreases with age.

The human scalp loses an average of 50 to 100 hairs a day, while the normal hair loss should be no reason to worry. However, if your hair seems to weaken significantly, consult a specialist in hair restoration and advise on the prevention of hair loss and other treatment options.

Prevent hair loss

Hair loss affects millions of men and women, both in the United States and around the world. While hair loss in women is not as visible as male pattern baldness, there are different causes of hair loss and appropriate solutions available to achieve hair growth in women. In some cases, the causes of hair loss in women with medications prescribed by a physician, preventing further hair loss treatment. Men may include other treatments for hair loss products and treatments, medical hair restoration.

Hair Loss Treatments Products

Although a wide variety of products that promise to be the next “cure for hair loss” there are only two hair restoration treatments without surgery that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride). These two products are effective in preventing hair loss and in some men, stimulates the growth of new hair. However, once you start using Rogaine products or Propecia must continue to do so indefinitely, because, otherwise, you lose your hair again. Fortunately, there are other more permanent treatments that improve thinning hair.

Medical Hair Restoration

The medical hair restoration is the name of a group to reduce hair loss in men to call. There are different methods of hair transplantation, including hair transplants, flap surgery and scalp reduction or enlargement.

Find a specialist hair loss through DocShop

This information describes the basics of hair loss and hair loss treatment  and hair growth to stop. If your hair is weak, or if you have hair loss, DocShop can help you find a professional who specializes in treating hair loss in your area.

Medical hair restoration can be the most exciting thing that happens to those who suffer from hair loss, has since the invention of the. Once the rough area of ​​technology and below-standard medical hair restoration has become an attractive option and very effective for those who want to restore your hair back and get the scalp they remember.

Your Natural Hair Restoration

For those who want to reduce the cost of hair restoration, short-term solutions as one of the hair restoration drugs approved by the FDA could not be the way to go. Rogaine was originally designed to lower blood pressure, so what happened just to grow hair and then the blessing of the food industry was born of hair. Applied as a topical solution directly on the scalp, Rogaine is proven to help most patients actually stop the current fall of hair and hair growth in some cases. Some patients, however, that encintraron bit annoying and confusing, but for most people seeking an alternative to surgery Rogaine hair-restorer is perfectly acceptable.

Rogaine popularity Throughout the 80′s and even 90 that discouraged the introduction of hair restorer of another drug intended to do anything else. Propecia (finesteride) had as main objective in the treatment of enlarged prostate. Again, side effects most interesting was effective secondary growth of hair, which was an instant success and a best-selling drug. Propecia Rogaine what could be more convenient than the prescription pills and tried to stop working a little better in the current rate of hair loss. And this is an effect that was greater than Rogaine.

Where was most of the time tried Rogaine follicles rejuvenate hair follicles are damaged and narrowed note, Propecia is go directly to the cause of baldness, ie the conservation of testosterone into DHT, a hormone responsible for the loss of hair. This blockage of this transformation, by slowing hair loss and stimulate regrowth of the same.

But as both restorer Rogaine Propecia hair and methods have a major drawback quiet – they are temporary. Once you stop taking them, your results will be reversed slowly as if you had not have ever had. This is because many patients are turning to surgical procedures such as hair restoration hair transplant.

Although more expensive in the short term (but not in length), then it becomes not a hair restorative techniques has a higher rate of satisfaction or more permanent hair transplant. Although the use of surgical procedures such as transplantation of follicular unit hair transplantation has been relieved of his appearance that plugs of 70 and 80 to give the consumer a very real possibility of modern hair restoration to achieve a full head of hair and healthy. And unlike wigs, new procedures are very durable when in contact with pesky environmental factors such as wind, sun and rain. After all, it is your hair clean up.
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